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Alchemy Tiles

al·che·my (noun) – “any seemingly magical process of transmuting ordinary materials 

into something of true merit.

Using clay as a medium, Alchemy Tiles carries poetry and inspiring quotes to become a constant visual presence in our lives. The tiles can decorate walls, floors, parts of furniture, read-as-you-go footpaths and fountains – “a thing of beauty” indoors or outdoors.

Commissions are welcome and make a perfect bespoke gift for any occasion. Kitchen back splashes and bathrooms can also be designed for. Star Sign tiles can be designed to include birth dates, specific images, names and the personality qualities of the star sign. A price guide is below but please contact me for specific dimensions and quotes.


Many people ask me how my tiles are made as most don’t realise they are hand carved, using ancient techniques dating back to 13th Century. So with every tile given, I’ve written a small poem to reveal the journey and the magic of what goes into each creation. Enjoy…



I have been rolled and my shape cut by hand

Then using ancient techniques from far across lands,

My image and script hand carved in wet clay

With wisdom and poetry to inspire you each day.

4 different colours of slip then applied

To fill in those carvings and then left to dry.

Then to be scraped and my design now revealed

To be dried once again before I’m then sealed,

In a coating of glaze with a crackle for show

Then fired raw, so long and so slow.

So fragile and delicate at each stage I must be

Until I transform in the fires that embrace me

When I emerge, still warm to the touch

A stain is wiped over, a little, not much.

And then I am ready to be held in your hands

With magic and tales from far across lands.

Images, quotes and poetry sublime

All held eternal, in earth and in time.

Sizes are approximate

Small square          (15 x 15cm)          £40
Medium Square     (19 x 19cm)         £70
Large Square          (21 x 21cm)          £80
Arch                       (16 x 25cm)           £70
Small rectangle      (14 x 20cm)           £50
Large rectangle      (20 x 28cm)          £100
XL Rectangle          (30 x 37cm)           £160


Tiles can also be purchased from galleries all over the UK.

Please click here for a list and links to gallery websites.