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Exhibitions, Shows and Workshops 2017

Cornwall Home & Lifestyle Show

Sat 29th – Sun 30th April

Wadebridge, Cornwall

Cornwall Open Studios

Sat 27th May – Sun 4th June

Rose Cottage, Port Navas, Constantine, Falmouth, TR11 5RJ

Royal Cornwall Show

Thurs 8th – Sat 10th June

Wadebridge, Cornwall

Potfest in the Pens

Fri 3rd – Sun 6th August

Skirsgill Auction Mart, Penrith

Art in Clay

Fri 18th – Sun 20th August

Hatfield House, Hatfield, Herts

Constantine Art Society Exhibition

End of July – Beginning of August – TBC

Constantine Village Hall, Constantine, Cornwall

‘The Turning Year’ – Annual Solo Exhibition

Fri 25th – Mon 28th August

Port Navas Village Hall, Cornwall

Mel Chambers is back with her annual exhibition in Port Navas! This year takes you through the magic of the turning year with its array of cascading colours and beauty. As the seasons flourish and Mother Earth moves through her never-ending cycle we are reminded of the magic held in this adventure called LIFE!

Original paintings, Raku fired ceramics, Alchemy tiles and home made flapjacks – A delight for every sense!

ICHF – Penshurst Place

Fri 8th – Sun 10th September

Penshurst Place, Tonbridge

Craft in Focus

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd September

Sevenoaks School, Kent

Designer Makers Market

Fru 27th – Sat 28th Oct

Leyburn, North Yorkshire

Christmas Shows – TBC


Workshops & Courses

The majority of courses are held at The Potting Shed Workshop in Ashprington, near Totnes, Devon and led by Richenda MacGregor and/or Mel Chambers. Click here for bookings and directions.

‘Make your own Alchemy Tiles’ workshops are held at Port Navas Village Hall, near Falmouth in Cornwall and led by Mel Chambers. Click here for bookings and further information.

Courses at the Potting Shed Workshop – Devon

Understanding Glazes


Click here for dates and to book

Led by Richenda MacGregor @ The Potting Shed Workshop

This is a one day workshop (and weekend workshop) exploring the mysterious and sometimes confusing world of stone ware glazes.  Spend the day immersing yourself in experimenting with glazes, mixing your own and learning how to work with oxides and under glazes.

  • Bisque fired pots and tiles will be provided
  • All materials for making your own glaze will be provided
  • Your glaze samples will be fired and ready for collection within a few days
  • Glazes explained, as well as the raw materials that go into a glaze.
  • How to make ash glaze and using local materials

Plus plenty of tea and cake and a delicious organic lunch

Intensive Throwing Workshop


Click here for dates and to book

Led by Richenda MacGregor @ The Potting Shed Workshop

Always wanted to learn how to throw?  Or getting frustrated with your technique?  This is an all weekend throwing workshop open to just five participants.  Learn and practice the basic throwing techniques or try your hand at more complicated vessels such as teapots and tall vases, pots with impossibly tiny necks or pieces with completely rounded bottoms.

Each participant will have there own wheel to practice on and because of the small size of the group it can be tailored to individual need and interest

Saturday will be throwing and Sunday will be learning how to turn, when you need a chuck, how to make handles and how to join composite pieces like teapots.

And of course plenty of tea and cake and a delicious organic lunch both days – All materials provided 

Paper Clay Sculpture Course

November 18th – 19th


Click here to book

Led by Mel Chambers @ The Potting Shed Workshop

Paper clay is an interesting sculpting material that literally consists of clay and water.  It has many more possibilities than ordinary clay as you can add on wet clay to dry and even bisque fired sculptures.  The process is good for sculpting animals and people as well as offering possibilities for more intricate designs than normal clay won’t allow.

Over the weekend you will –

  • Learn some of the History/ back ground to paper clay
  • Learn how to make your own paperclay
  • Learn to sculpt with paperclay

Raku Firing Weekend

September 23rd – 24th


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Led by Richenda MacGregor and Mel Chambers

@ The Potting Shed Workshop

This is an intensive firing course, where you will learn to fire your own work in a converted gas fired oil – drum and a wood fired ‘bin kiln’.  The name Raku means ease, pleasure and enjoyment.   With its roots in japan, the technique has altered over the years to produce some of the most interesting and gorgeous glaze effects found in ceramics.  Intensely hands on, it is sheer pleasure to spend time getting to know fire and watching while heat changes the molecular structure of base materials.

Over the weekend you will –

  • Learn the history of Raku and be introduced to the origins of Wabi Sabi
  • Learn how to design and glaze your own tiles and pots
  • Learn how to fire both a gas fired and wood fired kiln
  • Be introduced to wax resist techniques, copper fuming, Sacrificial glaze and reduction
  • You will receive all the technical notes to make your own glazes and make your own kiln
  • You will be instructed by two teachers, so plenty of help and advice throughout the weekend

All bisque fired pots and tiles are provided or bring your own bisque fired masterpieces.

Cake and delicious organic lunch is provided both days

Encaustic Tiles and Raku Firing


Click here for dates and to book

Led by Richenda MacGregor and Mel Chambers

@ The Potting Shed Workshop

When you are starting out in pottery it is difficult to match expectation with finished result.

This course guarantees that you will walk away with tiles that you will be really happy with and the knowledge and technical know how to be able to make them at home.  Encaustic tiles and Raku firing are two very particular techniques that most pottery classes won’t teach you.

Taught by Mel Chambers and Richenda Macgregor who between them have at least 30 years of knowledge in ceramics.  Not only will you be carving and designing your own tiles on the Saturday, you will also be learning by direct experience how to fire work in a gas fired oil drum, designing and glaze application.

Over the weekend you will –

  • Learn some of the history of encaustic tiles
  • Carve between 5-6 of your own tiles and learn how to apply slip
  • Design and glaze 4 of your own bisque fired tiles
  • Glaze and fire your own Japanese tea bowl
  • Learn the history of Raku firing and the origins of Wabi Sabi
  • Experience the sheer pleasure of firing an out door kiln

As well as relaxing and enjoying the stunning Devonshire countryside and delicious organic lunches and home made cake.

Simple Mold Making Workshop

July 8th 2017 


Click here to book

Led by Richenda MacGregor @ The Potting Shed Workshop

A one day workshop in making simple press molds using plaster for sprigging and relief decoration, making simple bowl and plate molds and using alginate to cast delicate surfaces on found objects or direct casting from the human body.

Over the day you will learn to –

  • Make the original ‘master mold’ and learn how to make a plaster mold from it
  • Make a simple bowl or plate mold
  • Learn how to make molds from found objects
  • Learn to use alginate as a mold making material for more delicate and composite pieces
  • All materials will be provided

Tea and cake and a delicious organic lunch will be provided

Out of this Earth

July 22nd – 23rd


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‘Returning to a more indigenous way of making’

Clay is literally millions of years old and our relationship with the material dates back to pre-historic times. It is not often in our busy and modern lives that we have the opportunity or time to allow ourselves to sit and make the way our ancestors did. To discover for ourselves the slow rhythmic way of working with base materials, sit and watch the fire as the pots turn from clay to ceramic and learn to prospect the land for various materials needed. This is an invitation to do just that.

For more information click here…

Courses at Port Navas Village Hall – Cornwall

Make Your Own Alchemy Tiles

September 16th & 17th


Led by Mel Chambers @ Port Navas Village Hall

A great opportunity to make your own Alchemy Tiles (or Encaustic tiles as its officially known). Using ancient techniques dating back to 13th century you’ll be guided through the skills of carving, applying coloured slip and developing your own tile designs as well as understanding the history and background of this lost craft. A great way to hand make your own bespoke gifts or tiles for you own home.

You’ll be making up to 6 of your own tiles and the price includes full tuition, all materials, glazing, firings and lunch on both days (Each tile approx. 14x14cm with a RRP value of £30 each).

As well as relaxing and enjoying the stunning views of Port Navas and delicious vegetarian organic lunch and home made cake on both days.

Click here to request a booking form and more information